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Extra brains for your business

The business solutions we provide are not limited to simple clerical, admin and data entry. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience to offer you insights on results, analysis of reports and ideas to streamline your processes, helping you to create a tighter, leaner operation.

We’re keen to partner with you for the long term, because the more time we spend helping your business, the better we’ll understand it and the more value you’ll receive. Our ability to immerse ourselves in your operation means you can rely on us to give guidance and share insights as well as any full-time employee.

You’ll have a strategic partner in your corner, someone always scanning the business and the business horizon for new methods, new ideas, new time-saving tools. Plus, you only call on us when you need us, so we’re far cheaper than a full time, or even a part time employee.

Think about it this way, every hour you we work for you gives you or your key staff, an hour of time back, to spend growing your business.  

Not just project management

We can manage contract correspondence, contacts and status reports, but we can also assist with tenders and monitor financial reporting on projects, like work in progress (WIP) and cost analysis.

Not just office administration

We’ll manage your database, your customers and your files, but we can also set up and manage an entire office, and document your policies, processes and templates.

Not just bookkeeping

We’ll do your data entry, but we can also handle your full financial cycle including bill payment, payroll, and accounts receivable.

Not just clerical support

We can do your editing and proofreading, but we can also help develop presentations, arrange your travel and plan for business events and meetings.

Want to find out more about our services?

With the right support, you’ll find even the most enormous tasks don’t seem so daunting. Our ability to manage large projects and confidently work through your to-do list is what makes us such a valuable partner to overwhelmed business owners.

We want to be a long-term resource for your business. A strong, equal partner you can rely on. Find out more by calling 0421 956 827 or email