Our Approach

A collaborative, customised approach to your business needs

Hiring a consultant means something needs to be fixed, or grown, and we serve as an objective trouble-shooter who provide strategies to prevent problems and improve performance. We have the skills and capacity to provide you with the TLC you need to be successful.

At Saltmine Business Solutions we don’t create fancy PowerPoints with beautiful slides that we think will help your business. We don’t communicate big ideas without helping you successfully execute those ideas and changes. We make things real and help you achieve them. Your success is our success!

We make sure that the knowledge we have forms part of your business thinking, structure and strategy so when you no longer need us you have the skills and know how to continue without us.

Our focus is on small to medium sized organisations and we provide a flexible approach to what our client’s need done.

Give us a call to discuss an obligation free strategic session specific to your needs on 0421 956 827 or email us at [email protected].

I was so impressed with that initial response that I changed accountants immediately.
Amanda Lee
CEO & Founder Crix
They took me on the right track straight away providing sound advice and help before becoming involved in due diligence.
George Brown
Director at Dynamic
They are very good. If you ask any questions they respond to you – you do not have to chase them. I consider them value for money because, to me, it's important to have quality accountants and you've got to be very comfortable with them.
Adam Cheise
Director at Universal Limited